ZGRViewer, a GraphViz/DOT Viewer

Description from the homepage: “ZGRViewer is a 2.5D graph visualizer implemented in Java and based upon the Zoomable Visual Transformation Machine. It is specifically aimed at displaying graphs expressed using the DOT language from AT&T GraphViz and processed by programs dot, neato or others such as twopi.”

Occasionally I have to deal with large graphs for some recursive automatons in the context of a dynamic programming algorithm. My automaton class is able to return a dot-style representation which describes the finite automaton, and it turns out that ZGRViewer excels in handling such large graphs by providing smooth zooming and easy navigation in the visualized graph. I found that because of the use of SVG it is much less memory consuming than, say, converting it to PNG bitmap graphics.

Here is a screenshot of ZGRViewer showing my DOT file opened with neato. Visit the ZGRViewer homepage for more screenshots and videos.

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